Alpacas grazing in Southern Oregon

Alpacas produce one of the world’s finest and most luxurious natural fibers. Soft as cashmere, warmer, lighter and stronger than wool, and it comes in 22 natural colors.

Alpaca has a natural, rich luster, with a silky feel. It is seven times warmer and three times stronger than sheep’s wool, however it does not contain lanolin, so most people who can not wear wool next to their skin, find alpaca wonderful to wrap themselves into.

Alpaca fiber is considered to be hypo-allergenic, especially the ultra-fine, premium grade products.

Alpaca Fiber Attributes

° Light weight
° Versatile as all season fiber
° Lack of prickle factor – Smooth handle
  • Low scale height
  • Non-Allergenic
° Absorb moisture
  • Natural regain on 15%
  • Comfort factor – Absorbs moisture from skin and air
  • Stays warm even when wet
° Fire resistant
  • One of the least flammable, difficult to ignite
  • Slow spreading flame, easy to extinguish
  • Bead like ash, doesn’t stick to skin
° Lack of lanoline (easier to clean)
° Has suint (repells dust / water)
° Luster that can rival silk
° Comes in 22 natural colors

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